What is iPhone Spy Software

What is iPhone Spy Software and What Can It Do for Me?

iphone spyThe short answer to this question is that iPhone spy software is an undetected app that runs on this smartphone from Apple and tells you every activity that the device is involved in. But the short answer doesn’t do justice to the sheer power of the iPhone spy software products that are available on the market today. The short answer also doesn’t emphasize how it can help you tremendously when it comes to looking after iPhones that you are responsible for.

iPhone Spy Software Main Uses and Benefits

The main uses of iPhone spy software are to:

  • Monitor phone activities of your children
  • Ensure company phones are used for their intended purpose
  • Secure or recover a phone if lost or stolen
  • Provide a way to backup a phone

These are typical uses. The iPhone spy software runs on what is referred to as the target phone and has access to all log areas on the device. As it runs on the phone, it takes snapshots of these logs and sends them back to a secure subscriber area on the vendor’s server for subsequent viewing and analysis.

An iPhone, like any other smartphone, can be used to hide activities. By default, these devices don’t show their location even though they have built-in GPS capability for posting location on social media sites such as Facebook. However, if the target phone user is not posting on a social media site then it is unlikely that you will know where he is if you receive a call from him. For parents whose kids have iPhones, this is unacceptable thus iPhone spy software provides the answers by logging the location history and current location of the device.

What is Available

There are several iPhone spy software products available on the market but few are as feature-rich as those available from Mobile Spy, StealthGenie, and SpyBubble. These three vendors provide products that cover all of the features that you will see in the next section.

stealthgenie iphone spy software

Typical Features

Typical features that come with iPhone spy software products include monitoring the target iPhone for:

  1. All incoming/outgoing call logs
  2. GPS location history and current location
  3. SMS messages
  4. Email messages
  5. Messages from third party chat applications
  6. Multimedia files
  7. Internet browsing activity

Each vendor has slight variations and some add a few different perks. This is why it is important to know exactly how you will be using the iPhone spy software before you purchase it.

Value-Added Features

The top vendors of iPhone spy software provide features in addition to the typical to give a subscriber more control over the target phone and add real-time monitoring capability. These value-added features include:

  1. Taking photos, recording videos from the target phone with a remote command
  2. Initiating a bug from the target phone to listen in on surroundings
  3. Exporting logged information for use in other reporting software
  4. Remote control commands to lock iPhone and wipe its contents clean
  5. Define events to alert you of certain types of conversation or locations entered
  6. View the screen of the iPhone from the control panel
  7. Redirect SMS messages

And there are other sophisticated add-ons to the standard product as well. The real-time monitoring features also give you some control in the event that the iPhone is lost or stolen by letting you track it, lock it, and wipe the data off of it if you must.

How to Get iPhone Spy Software

iPhone spy software is usually not available from Apple’s App Store. In most cases you must get it from the vendor’s website. Getting the software usually involves:

  • Buying the software
  • Agreeing to the vendor’s terms of service and legal requirements
  • Registering with the vendor
  • Download the iPhone monitoring software from the link provided
  • Install the app on the target phone
  • View data sent from the target phone on a subscriber control panel

Vendors of iPhone spy software in most cases require that the user have the device “jailbroken” which is a term used to describe a process whereby users can install apps that have a higher level of access than those normally downloaded from the App Store.

Jailbreaking is required because the iPhone spy software needs to access some of the same areas that the iOS operating system does. In most cases the product vendor does not assist with jailbreaking however there are sufficient resources that can be found on the internet to help with this.

When you are responsible for an iPhone in the hands of your child or employee, you need iPhone spy software on it. Even having it on your own phone is wise because the software gives you some tools to help you get it back or secure it. Check out these powerful spy apps for the iPhone today and stay in command.

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