Using a Cell Phone Tracker to Monitor Your Employees

Employee Monitoring

Many employers procure cell phones and other smart devices for use by their employees. Employees in this situation benefit by not having to use their own smartphones for company matters which could prove to be quite expensive.

For instance, if an employee has a personal smartphone with a calling plan of a limited number of free minutes then he would not want to waste those free minutes on company matters. His company should be providing him with communications resources for him to do his job.

Of course, a company does not want its smartphones used by employees for personal matters thus the need arises for a cell phone tracker software product. Continue reading and find out how a cell phone spy software can help you if you are an employer in this situation.

The Problems with Unmonitored Employee Cell Phones

There are several problems that are introduced to employers when they issue smartphones to employees without a cell phone tracker running on them. These include:

  • Visiting websites not necessary for work
  • Wasting time in idle chatting
  • Running up expenses using SMS
  • Using inflammatory language with others via chatting apps
  • Not telling the truth about their whereabouts—unauthorized absences
  • Snapping photos of company-sensitive documents

With the cell phone tracker, the logs collected give indications of these situations. Continue reading and see how a cell phone tracker helps employers detect these situations thus enabling them to deal with them and even prevent them in some cases.

Many Do Not Need the Internet at Work

Unless the employee’s job requires Internet access, it is better for employers to block it altogether. Otherwise, the temptation for wasting time and visiting inappropriate websites is too great for an employee.

One way to do this is with a cell phone tracker product that actually blocks access to the smartphone’s web browser. Or, get a cell phone tracker that can block specific URLs to keep Internet use for official business only.

Socializing with Cell Phones is a Productivity Killer

This relates to wasting time as well. Employees typically do not need to be on instant messenger (IM) apps for doing their job. For example, it is possible for an employee to waste countless hours chatting away with friends using the Facebook IM.

Here again, a cell phone tracker that has features to block apps such as Facebook, Skype, and others is quite useful for keeping company-issued smartphone use within the parameters of business policy.

Keeping Utilization Expenses in Check

Smartphones without a cell phone tracker running on them are susceptible to unexplained expense because of personal use. With a cell phone tracker you can see what they are using their devices for from your subscriber control panel.

Even more useful is a cell phone tracker product that provides utilization reports so that you can easily spot overutilization in a particular area.

Accounting for Employee Whereabouts

Some employees like to disappear from work early and hit their favorite happy hour spot. The best cell phone tracker products have GPS location tracking that will report this happening on a map. Some will even provide you with instant alert notifications in the event that your employee deviates from authorized service routes while on the job.

Keeping Company-sensitive Information Contained

Then there are malicious employees who gather information sensitive to company initiatives and share it with competitors. One way they do this by taking snapshots of company-sensitive documents and then emailing those to the competitor.

Most cell phone tracker products have a feature to log photos taken on the monitored device and send a copy to the subscriber’s control panel. You as an employer would be able to see where the leak in the company is. Plus, you would have a copy even if the employee deleted the photos on his smartphone.

In conclusion, as an employer it is obvious as to why you need a cell phone tracker running on the smartphones issued to your employees. Without one, you and your business are susceptible to several problems related to company smartphone abuse.

The best way to start is to install a cell phone tracker on a company-issued smartphone before you hand it over to an employee. Visit the websites of these products that go by names PhoneSheriff, SpyBubble, Mobile Spy, StealthGenie, and more and get your cell phone tracker right away.

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