StealthGenie iPhone Spy Software

StealthGenie for iPhoneStealthGenie iPhone spy software is a feature-rich app for Apple’s famous smartphone that can help you get to the truth when it is in the hands of someone else. It is for this reason that they tag the app as spy software because in essence that is what it does. It runs on a target iPhone in full stealth mode and completely undetected by the user. It protects you from users who would use their phones to do things against your wishes.

Are You In The Dark?

If you have an iPhone that you are responsible for without this app running on it then you are in the dark whether you are aware of it or not.

The scenarios of teenagers keeping parents in the dark are all too common. Probably the most common is a teenager telling the parent that she is with a friend you don’t mind and at a place that is okay with you but quite the opposite is actually true. But if she calls you from her phone without StealthGenie app and telling you not to worry, how do you know?

Then there are employees with company-issued smartphones without StealthGenie iPhone spy software. Their iPhones are for communicating with clients, sending/reading emails on the road, doing internet research, in some cases for taking photos, and using GPS tracking to find where they are going. But how do you know if an employee is wasting time by browsing inappropriate websites or flirting with the lady at the other side of the building? These iPhones with their features can be incredible time wasters costing your company thousands of dollars.

How It Helps You Get to the Truth

StealthGenie helps you get to the truth about whatever situation that the target phone user is in because of its innovative app that runs in stealth mode on the device. Through a series of recording functions, all logs are sent to your secure subscriber control panel area for subsequent viewing. The next section gives more detail as to what the app on the target phone shows you.

The Fact Finders

The feature list of StealthGenie iPhone spy software is long and each has its job as a fact finder:

  • Call logs tell with whom the target phone user is communicating
  • GPS tracking tells where the target phone is at
  • Alerts tell locations of the target user that you should be concerned about
  • SMS/email/chat monitoring tells you what they are saying
  • Listening to surroundings tells what is happening at the moment
  • Monitoring the phone’s calendar and task list tells you what the target user is planning

StealthGenie Features

Not only does the StealthGenie reveal to your logs from a historical perspective but it is also designed for you to be proactive. For example, you can be alerted via SMS if the target phone user is using certain keywords that you define or receiving/making calls to suspicious phone numbers.

Where Do You Get StealthGenie for iPhone?

StealthGenie iPhone spy app is not a product that you can buy from the Apple App Store. You’ll need to go their website and purchase the product. Just click on the “Buy Now” icon and the rest is intuitive.

The StealthGenie iPhone spy package is offered at two pricing levels: Basic and Gold. Their Basic product allows you to look at the most important logs on an iPhone from a historical perspective whereas the Gold product contains these plus real-time monitoring features.

You can also purchase your StealthGenie subscription at 3, 6, or 12 months. Thus you have flexibility with the company to fit your specific needs.

The overall process involves selecting your pricing package, agreeing to the StealthGenie terms of service, and then downloading/installing the spy app to the target iPhone. Once the installation and setup on the target iPhone is successful, the app immediately starts sending information to your secure control panel area for viewing. It is all very simple.

Are There Other Uses?

StealthGenie is not only about spying and catching someone being untruthful. It is also about security for your investment in this expensive Apple smart device.

For example, if an iPhone under your care is lost or stolen, you certainly want to recover it but you also want to protect its contents from disclosure to the wrong eyes. You wouldn’t want the contacts file going out to just anyone.

And StealthGenie has this scenario in mind as well. The StealthGenie iPhone spyware product can provide real-time GEO tracking, commands to lock the phone, backup the phone data, get notified of a SIM card change, and wipe all data from the phone if necessary.

What if I Have Questions?

The mark of a top-notch technology company is when they provide all of the tools that its customers need to use their products. The same holds true when it comes to the company backing StealthGenie iPhone spy software. The company has a comprehensive support page complete with frequently asked questions, how-to instructions, live demo, and live chat with a technical support representative.

StealthGenie cell phone spy software puts you in full control of a very expensive and powerful smartphone and enables you to get to the truth about the device user’s activities when you are not around. Stay in the dark no longer. Order your subscription today.

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