PhoneSheriff iPhone Monitoring Software

PhoneSheriffPhoneSheriff is an innovative smartphone and tablet computer software app designed to monitor the activities on those devices. It runs on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile cell phones and on iPad and Android tablet computers. The app runs totally undetectable by the user of the monitored device but reports back all activity to you.

That’s the definition of PhoneSheriff but why would you need it? There are several reasons described below and they cover just about any situation where you would be responsible for a smart device in the hands of someone else. That someone else in most cases is either your child or an employee who works for you and has a smart device that you gave them or a company-issued smart device to be used for business.

PhoneSheriff Features

The PhoneSheriff spy software features are provided to meet the needs of its users. The needs are described in the sections following this. As a prelude to describing those needs, it is in order to list the features of this powerful smart device spy product. With the PhoneSheriff smartphone and table monitoring app you get:

  • Logging of all incoming/outgoing call activity
  • Collection of location history via GPS tracking
  • Several filtering options
  • Monitoring of SMS, email, and iMessage chats
  • Website visit tracking
  • Logging of multimedia files on the smart device
  • Viewing of the device’s contacts file
  • Utilization reporting
  • Administrator commands to control the monitored device remotely
  • Backup capability
  • Alert Notifications

The above list doesn’t cover every feature but these are the standout tools that provide total control of the monitored device by you and administrator.

Typical Reasons Why You Would Buy PhoneSheriff

Parents buy cell phones and tablet computers for their children to use for studies, communication, and entertainment within reason. Then there are employers who know the value of issuing their employees these smart devices to facilitate their work. Or, it could be that you are suspicious that your spouse is having an affair and want to track him by monitoring his cell phone.

Monitoring Your Children

Your kids love their smart devices because they can do so much in the way of communicating with their friends but things can quickly get out of hand without PhoneSheriff monitoring software installed.

There isn’t really anything you cannot do with PhoneSheriff when it comes to monitoring your kids’ activities on these smart devices. Take a look at the features above. You can keep track of the friends they are calling, what they are saying in text messages, if they are visiting inappropriate websites, and get alerts if they are using profanity through the use of trigger word definition.

Keeping Reins on Utilization

monitoring-your-childrenIt is one thing to purchase a smart phone or tablet computer for business but after that the utilization costs could become a bit of a problem if the reins are not pulled back on them. With the PhoneSheriff monitoring app, you get a comprehensive set of utilization reports that are viewable right from your web-based control panel.

PhoneSheriff provides graphical utilization reports that measure the frequency of text messages, calls, website visits, emails, and app usage. The frequency measurements are reported by the contact for calls and messages, the URL of the website, and the specific app on the smart device.

How is this useful? The utilization charts show where time is being spent on the part of your employee. For example, they could show that your employee is spending a significant amount of time utilizing third-party apps for personal chatting. Thus with PhoneSheriff, you can immediately block the app from being used on that device through your control panel.

Catching a Cheating Spouse

Don’t know why it takes your spouse so long to pick up groceries in the evening? Not sure why your spouse must work late at the office every night? In the days before PhoneSheriff, you would have to hire an expensive private investigator to tail your spouse.

The GPS location tracking facility by itself is enough to get the information that you need to discover your spouse’s whereabouts. PhoneSheriff also sends you the full text of SMS, email, and iMessages (for iPhone/iPad devices) and you can put all of the information together and determine if infidelity is occurring.

Help When It Is Needed

Subscribing to the PhoneSheriff monitoring system is not only about spying on another’s activities. The features also allow you to help a loved one if the need arises. For example, through the GPS tracking feature you could pinpoint your lost daughter’s location and guide her back home. You could also intervene if you notice that your son is getting threatening text messages from a bully.

With such a range of extensive features as is provided by the PhoneSheriff iPhone monitoring app, it would be unwise to give a device to your child or employee without already having the product installed. There is just too much that can wrong without this app. Check out all it has to offer and get your smart devices loaded with PhoneSheriff at your first opportunity.

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