iPhone Spy Software and Real-Time Control

The makers of iPhone spy software provide tools for monitoring and tracking this popular smartphone from Apple. Companies such as StealthGenie, Mobile Spy, and SpyBubble all provide basic spy products that collect logs such as call logs, SMS message logs, contact files, chat logs, photos taken, and more. The other aspect of iPhone spy software is the real-time control provided. Oftentimes real-time control features on these products are optional but getting them added on is well worth the small additional cost.

Here are some common real-time features found on these iPhone spy products.

Stealth Photos

The ability for an iPhone spy software product to be able to take a stealth photo from the monitored device through a remote command is a definite plus when it comes to real-time control. Mobile Spy is one such software maker that offers this when you purchase their LIVE Control Panel add-on. They’re called stealth photos because the user of the iPhone has no clue that they are being taken.

Live Surrounding Sounds

You may see where the target iPhone is at but unless the user is sending SMS messages or making calls there is no way to know what is going on unless you can hear the environment around it. This is where the feature for listening in to the phone’s surroundings comes in handy. Vendors such as StealthGenie even have a feature where you can record the surrounding sounds as well.

Alert Notifications

Alert notifications on an iPhone spy app give you real-time monitoring that allows you to be proactive instead of dealing with issues after the fact. The different iPhone spy software makers have variations but for the most part they allow setting alert keywords and products like Mobile Spy and StealthGenie allow the definition of geographical triggers.

Geographical Triggers

Geographical triggers are defined by you (the administrator). You set up restricted areas and those where it is okay for the target user to go. For example, if you don’t want your teenager to go to a certain friend’s house, you set that location as a restricted area. And, if your teenager should be at school, you can define that as a clear area.

The result is that if your teenager leaves school early you’ll get a notification either by SMS or in some cases email. It is the same if your teenager goes to the friend’s where he is not supposed to be.

Keyword Triggers

Keyword triggers in iPhone spy software allow you to be notified when certain words are used in SMS/email/chat messages. You as the administrator set these up. You can be notified when certain words such as “sex”, “beer”, “pot”, and others that you decide upon show up within the incoming and outgoing text messages on the target iPhone. Just as with the geographical triggers, you get the keyword alert notifications through your SMS or email.

Command Set

iPhone spy software runs in stealth mode and runs without the need for heavy user interaction. Basically it runs on its own on the iPhone. If it didn’t then stealth mode could not be maintained.

But there are times when you need to get control of the monitored iPhone without physically getting your hands on it. This is where the different vendors provide a command set for performing tasks such as locking, wiping data clean, pausing the iPhone spy app, removing the spy app, and more.

SMS Redirection

StealthGenie is one of the iPhone spy software companies that offer SMS redirection. Simply put, this is when the administrator sends a message from the control panel to another phone destination yet it looks like it came from the target phone. This could be useful when wanting to contact someone else to help look on the person you are monitoring.

Live Location Tracking

While iPhone spy software is helpful when it comes to tracking the location history of a target phone, live location tracking is good for when you need to know where the phone is at now. Mobile Spy is one company that has a powerful tracking tool such as this through its LIVE Control Panel option. Live location tracking can be useful in situations such as when the target iPhone is lost or stolen because you will still be able to track it.

Real-time additions to iPhone spy software make an already powerful product even better because it enables a proactive disposition for the administrator. You too can have this level of control of an iPhone in the hands of your children or employees whom you are responsible for.

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