iPhone Spy Software Reviews

Apple’s iPhone is one of the leading smartphones on the market today and it is not uncommon to see it widely used by many. This smart device requires a significant investment and a person who buys one wants to know that it is protected and being used for its intended purpose. Thus, iPhone spy software enters the stage.

iPhone spy software products typically consist of an app that is installed on the target phone and runs silently in background while it records all activities on the device. It records events such as calls, SMS messages, GPS locations, chat messages, contact file entries, and more. As it collects the information, it sends it to a private account area on the product vendor’s server so that the subscriber or administrator can view the specifics of each event.

The focus of iPhone spy software is to enable a parent to always be informed about their child’s activities when it comes to their phones or an employer to ensure that company-bought phones are utilized within policy boundaries. Some purchase this software as an added level of security for providing backups and locking the phone should it be lost or stolen.

Three leaders in the iPhone spy software market are Mobile Spy, StealthGenie, and SpyBubble. Mobile Spy ranks as #1 because of not only its feature-rich product but its experience in the field of spy software in general. However, the other two are packed full of features and provide you the truth about a target iPhone’s activities as well.

Here are the top three choices in the iPhone spy software industry and a short discussion on each. Keep in mind that all three of these products do the basics such as logging calls, tracking GPS location, logging emails/SMS messages, logging internet activities and more. Some of the extra features that make them leaders are pointed out for your consideration.

#1 – Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy for iPhone

Mobile Spy is one of the most powerful spy apps available for iPhone and iPad. The software allows you to silently monitor and track an iPhone in real time online. Simply create your Mobile Spy account and install the app to the device. You will then be able to view everything on your account, including text messages, call details, photos, GPS locations, phone surroundings, WhatsApp chats, social media activity and more. With the optional LIVE Control Panel, you can perform instant surveillance with the phone’s microphone or camera. The system is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G. Mobile Spy was the first, and is still the best.

Mobile Spy has covered practically every feature a person would want in an iPhone spy app. Some of the extra features that make it the #1 choice include:

  • LIVE Control Panel
  • Alerts
  • Support for multiple chatting apps
  • Remote control command set
  • App blocking

The above list is not exhaustive and there are many more features that together make this top-ranked iPhone spy app.

Mobile Spy also offers a free 7-day unrestricted, full-featured trial of its product thus you can check out everything without risk.

Mobile Spy is priced from $49.97 to $139.97 depending on if you get a 3, 6, or 12-month license and if you opt for the basic or LIVE product. Their top-of-the-line offer is Mobile Spy iPhone Spy with the LIVE Control Panel option for 12 months at $139.97.

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#2 – StealthGenie

StealthGenie for iPhone

StealthGenie is another iPhone spyware with a robust set of features that enhance the basic features found in apps of this type such as:

  • Ability to monitor a wide range of chat applications
  • Listening in live to phone surroundings and recording them
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Remote control command set
  • Installed app monitoring

Here again, the above list is not exhaustive. These are just some of the features that set StealthGenie iPhone spy software apart from others in the industry.

StealthGenie is priced starting at $59.99 and up to $159.99. The exact price within this range depends on if you are getting a 3, 6, or 12-month plan and you are choosing the basic or Gold (premium) product.

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#3 – SpyBubble

spybubble for iPhone

SpyBubble has several features that put it in the top 3 when it comes to iPhone spy software. It has two product tiers: basic and PRO. Both can be purchased at affordable prices. Thus, with SpyBubble, you get most of the features provided by the previous two and at a very competitive price.

Some of the features beyond the basic that make the SpyBubble iPhone monitoring software a leader include:

  • Listen to / record live surroundings
  • Adjust configuration settings on the target phone through remote commands
  • SMS redirection
  • View WhatsApp and iMessage chats
  • Intercept calls live

Here again, the list is not exhaustive but these additional perks show you how SpyBubble has been innovative in developing iPhone spy software that can fit your needs.

SpyBubble iPhone spy app is priced at $49.95 for the standard version and $84.90 for the Pro version.

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How to Choose the Right iPhone Spy Software

1. Reliability

The nature of iPhone spy software is that it needs to run on a target device undetected by the user. If it is not reliable, the administrator (you) will need to get control of the phone for resetting or reinstalling the app. The more times that you do this, the risk of discovery by the target phone user is higher.

The best spy software for iPhone should also be such that you make the settings upon installation and never have to touch it again. It should run consistently on the target phone without causing degradation in performance of the device and other apps running on it.

2. Stealth / Undetectable

This facet of the best iPhone spy software adds to reliability because without it the main purpose is defeated. Spy software detected becomes just another app on the phone.

In the same way, if the target phone app leaves tracks either by its app name or because of a leftover installer app then the software is also at risk of detection. The best iPhone spy software removes the installer app plus uses various techniques to hide the actual monitoring app. One such technique is by giving the running spy app a name that gives no indication as to what it really is.

3. Features

Evaluating features when trying to choose the best iPhone spy app is a two-part process. The first part is to decide what you will use the spy app for and the second is to weigh all of the specific product’s features against your proposed uses.

For example, iPhone spy products typically track GPS location at a specified time interval but maybe you need real-time tracking so that you know where your teenager is at any moment.

4. Easy to Use

With iPhone spy software, the ease-of-use facet comes from the user interface, data presentation, and overall intuitiveness of the product. Furthermore, the user interface can be broken down as the target phone interface and the subscriber/administrator control panel.

The administrator’s web control panel should be easy to navigate through conveniently placed links and tabs. The data must be presented in such a way that fields are clearly tagged, ordered, and make logical sense.

One of the common features of iPhone spy app is location tracking and two important data fields are latitude and longitude. These should be presented in the subscriber control panel along with either a map plot or a way to display them through a map link associated with the record.

The best iPhone spy product vendors have a live demo accessible from their websites where you can try out the subscriber control panel before buying and determine the level of ease for each.

5. Price

Of course price is important but, like always, the cheapest product doesn’t mean it is the best. Low price might mean some features that you deem as important are missing. For example, you might be buying iPhone spy software with the prime purpose of using it to protect your phones in the event they are lost or stolen. In this case, you would probably deem as important the ability to remotely lock the phone when it goes missing. Thus, you would want a product that his this feature but at the best price. A lower-priced alternative product without this feature would be out of the question.

6. Customer Support

Even though the iPhone spy products that you evaluate are of premium quality, there is always the potential for needing help. Help might be needed for installation or maybe one day you have a question about the capability of your product because you see the need to use it differently. Maybe your iPhone has been lost or stolen and you need to know about getting another download to reinstall on your new phone. There are many reasons for getting customer support that have nothing to do with software quality.

Considering this, you want to first look for a support link that is accessible from the top level of the product vendor’s website. Then, when you look at the support page, see if it provides sufficient self-help resources such as frequently-asked questions and product documentation.

When the self-help resources are not enough, the product support page should clearly display the number to call. Even better is when they have a live online chat support option.

So What’s the Best Spy Software for iPhone?

All three iPhone spy software products are top-notch leaders in the industry but Mobile Spy ranks as the best for your money. One reason this is so is because the makers of Mobile Spy, Retina-X Studios, has been in the business of software since 1997 when they began as a web design and consulting firm. At that time, Retina-X was already creating various types of computer spy apps for other clients and would eventually start to produce its own.

Another aspect of Mobile Spy that clearly makes it the best when it comes to iPhone spy software is its LIVE Control Panel add-on. When you are looking for true real-time control and information gathering from the target phone, nothing matches Mobile Spy’s add-on to achieve this.

Then, as mentioned previously, Mobile Spy offers a free 7-day trial so you get to test everything out without risk.

While most all iPhone spy apps provide the basics of logging calls, SMS messages, photos, GPS locations, and contact file updates, Mobile Spy, StealthGenie, and SpyBubble add value to their iPhone spy software products through comprehensive add-ons that allow the subscriber to get the total picture of activities taking place on this smart device.

Go to their websites and learn more about each. Thus, you can make the right choice in purchasing your next iPhone monitoring software.